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Cell polarization is essential throughout development for proliferation, migration, and differentiation. However, it is not known how extracellular cues correctly orient cell polarity at distinct stages of development. Here, we show that the endocytic adaptor protein Numb, previously characterized for its role in cell proliferation, subsequently plays an(More)
Glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, is featured by high tumor cell motility and invasiveness, which not only fuel tumor infiltration, but also enable escape from surgical or other clinical interventions. Thus, better understanding of how these malignant traits are controlled will be key to the discovery of novel biomarkers and(More)
This study employs an Agent-Based Model (ABM) to simulate rural electrification in Liberia using biomass residues from Liberia's major rubber and oil palm plantations. The model is constructed using the NetLogo software (v 5.2.0) [1]. We evaluate the use of gasifiers powered by residues from replanting in major rubber and oil palm plantations, traditionally(More)
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