Jose Demisio S. da Silva

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Machine learning techniques such as neural networks, rule induction, genetic algorithm and case-based reasoning are finding application in a wide variety of fields such as computer vision, econometrics and medicine, where human abilities have proven to be superior to those of computers. Such techniques hold the promise of being able to make sense of a(More)
1. ABSTRACT In this paper two neural networks using one control approach using Feedback-Error-Learning are combined. The approach is used for neural control of a one arm flexible link robot in order to acquire the inverse dynamic model of the plant. Such systems are characterized as a non-minimum phase system, which is difficult to be controlled by most(More)
This paper describes the cascade-correlation algorithm as proposed by [2], as well as its implementation in the Matlab environment. The cascade-correlation is presented as a neural network growing technique which allows one to gradually build a network architecture without the need to redefine the number of neurons to be used in a feed forward neural(More)
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