Jose Cruz

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In this paper, we develop a supply chain network model in which both physical and electronic transactions are allowed and in which supply side risk as well as demand side risk are included in the formulation. The model consists of three tiers of decision-makers: the manufacturers, the distributors, and the retailers, with the demands associated with the(More)
  • Anna Nagurney, Ke Ke, Jose Cruz, Kitty Hancock, Frank Southworth
In this paper, we propose a multilevel network perspective for the conceptu-alization of the dynamics underlying supply chains in the presence of competition. The multilevel network consists of: the logistical network, the informational network, and the financial network. We describe the behavior of the network decision-makers, which are spatially(More)
  • Katie Myers, Kevin Dionne, Boeing Military Aircraft, Missile Systems, St Louis, Jose Cruz +10 others
  • 2002
This paper presents the result of work that explored the use of model checking, investigated modeling tools, and developed a process for model checking software systems. A prototype tool for visual modeling was developed and helped the research team understand the role of tools, such as SMV, and clarified the steps involved in the model checking process.(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation, and usability evaluation of a neural network based eye tracking system on an unmodified common tablet and discusses the challenges and implications of neural networks as an eye tracking component on a mobile platform. We objectively and subjectively evaluate the usability and performance tradeoffs of(More)
In this paper, we develop static and dynamic models of global supply chains as networks with three tiers of decision-makers: manufacturers, retailers, and consumers associated with the demand markets, who compete within a tier but cooperate between tiers. The decision-makers may be based in the same or in different countries, may transact in different(More)
OBJECTIVE Few continuing education programs to train behavioral health professionals to deliver tobacco treatment services have been described and evaluated. METHODS The effectiveness of two-day training on changing practice was examined by review of clinical charts from 20 clinicians who attended in 2012. Ten medical records were randomly selected for(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Closed-loop supply chain Economic sustainability Environmental sustainability System dynamics Product design End of life returns We develop an end-to-end model of a closed-loop supply chain (CLSC), and identify the systemic decision making required for economic viability of participants in this chain. Economic viability is a(More)
  • Hui Ming Chang, Marilyn Patillo, Austin, Charles R O 'melia, Johns Hopkins, Randy H Katz +13 others
  • 2010
1 8-Jan-04 Wavelets in signal processing: An advanced graduate-level course at UIUC. The science of information technology for business. University of Danang. 8 6-Aug-04 A theoretical foundation for the digital age. Issues of water environment and impact to social and economic life in industrialization. The future of industrial engineering and the need to(More)
A new tool provides an efficient and effective solution for predicting potential attacks as well as supplying interactive multi-resolution views. Many security sensors and other protection mechanisms are deployed at different levels to provide what is known as defense-in-depth for systems and networks. However, the large volume of security alerts(More)