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BACKGROUND Ischaemic heart disease is a global priority of health-care policy, because of its social repercussions and its impact on the health-care system. Yet there is little information on coronary morbidity in Spain and on the effect of the principal risk factors on risk of coronary heart disease. The objective of this study is to describe the(More)
The prevalence of retinopathy was studied in a group of 1179 diabetic patients attending 11 diabetologic centres in Gallica (Northwest of Spain). The age of the patients was 61.7 +/- 13.8 years, 43.8% were males and 56.2% females. The patients had had diabetes from 8.4 +/- 7.5 years, 30.4% were being treated with insulin, and 69.6% with oral(More)
Cascades of metabolic changes leading to acetone production are induced in states of energy catabolism such as starvation or the use of a ketogenic diet. The reduced capacity for cell detoxification or the increased generation of free radicals is responsible for the toxic effect of acetone. The objective of the present study was to determine the effects of(More)
Volatile compounds were analyzed in Airen and Macabeo wines at the end of the alcoholic fermentation and after a short time contact with wine lees. The concentration of 34 analyzed compounds, with the exception of hexyl acetate, linalool, ß-ionone and farnesol, increased significantly after contact with lees in Airen wines. Esters and terpenic compounds(More)
AIM Rejection results in destruction of the intestinal mucosa. This is the major cause of morbidity and morbility in human allografts. The aim of this study was to investigate histomorphometric changes in both the graft and recipient intestinal mucosa after experimental orthotopic small bowel transplantation. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Using the pig model, 21(More)
In this study, we investigated whether antihypertensive treatment with the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor quinapril modifies Na+/H+ exchanger activity or NHE-1 (isoform of the exchanger) mRNA expression in lymphocytes from patients with essential hypertension. Thirty-three hypertensive patients and 27 normotensive subjects were studied. Maximal(More)