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The influence of the position of the CG.C+ triplet and the contribution of protonation at the N3 of the Hoogsteen cytosine residue on the stability of various sequences of parallel triple helices having the general composition d[(A5G)-x-(T5C)-x-(T5C)] and d[(A4G2)-x-(T4C2)-x-(T4C2)], where x is the hexaethylene glycol linker, has been determined by NMR,(More)
BACKGROUND Polypurine x polypyrimidine sequences of DNA can form parallel triple helices via Hoogsteen hydrogen bonds with a third DNA strand that is complementary to the purine strand. The triplex prevents transcription and could therefore potentially be used to regulate specific genes. The determination of the structures of triplex-duplex junctions can(More)
A wide range of tolerance to Li+ has been found among 12 different yeasts. Concentrations that do not allow long-term growth of an actively growing culture within 2-5 hr. At the same concentrations protein and RNA synthesis are inhibited with little or no lag period (less than 50 min) but respiration is not affected at these concentrations. Lower(More)
The interaction of the 11-mer oligodeoxypyrimidine d(TCTTCTUTCCT) with the 17 bp duplex d(CGCTAGAAGAAAGGACG).d(CGTCCUTTCTTCTAGCG) in forming an intermolecular DNA triplex has been examined in solution by surface plasmon resonance (SPR), UV thermal denaturation, circular dichroism (CD), and NMR methods. Thermodynamic data were also acquired for the shorter(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a novel inspection system for detecting defects on car bodies based on artificial vision, implemented in Ford Factory at Almussafes (Spain). The system is based on the principle of performing a lightning sweeping with static imagining system, which causes shadows surrounding defects when merging(More)
The solution conformations of the intramolecular triple helices d(AGAAGA-X-TCTTCT-X-TC+TTC+T) and d(AAGGAA-X-TTCCTT-X-TTC+C+TT) (X = non-nucleotide linker) have been determined by NMR.1H NMR spectra in H2O showed that the third strand cytosine residues are fully paired with the guanine residues, each using two Hoogsteen hydrogen bonds. Determination of(More)
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