Jose Antonio Soria

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In this paper we propose a new contour descriptor for reconstructing fish otolith contours that uses half the number of coefficients needed by the classical elliptical Fourier descriptors (EFDs) for the same accuracy. The efficiency of the proposed shape descriptor has been tested with two different species, Liza aurata and Liza ramada, belonging to the(More)
The shape analysis of otoliths, which are calcified structures in the inner ear of teleostean fishes, is known to be particularly relevant to address species identification and stock discrimination. Generally, scientists use classical methodologies of statistical analysis and shape recognition such as Fourier shape descriptors and Principal Component(More)
The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and their relation to a self-reported family history of disease was examined in 3,357 first year university students of Mar del Plata University (Argentine). The prevalence of family disease was 27.5% for hypercholesterolemia, 42.1% for hypertension, 26.9% for diabetes mellitus, 27.2% for obesity and 42.1% for(More)
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