Jose Antonio Lopez Lopez

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Leprosy is a contagious and chronic systemic granulomatous disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae (Hansen s bacillus). It is transmitted from person to person and has a long incubation period (between two and six years). The disease presents polar clinical forms (the multibacillary lepromatous leprosy and the paucibacillary tuberculoid leprosy), as well as(More)
Multiple myeloma is a monoclonal malignant proliferation of plasma cells that causes osteolytic lesions in the vertebrae, ribs, pelvic bone, skull and jaw. We report on a clinical case of an 81-year-old male patient who presented with a tumefaction in the mandibular symphysis region, which had evolved over the previous seven months. In the radiographic(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the present study is to assess whether a good buccodental status (evaluated by means of dentogingival indices), is associated with a lower incidence and severity of oral mucositis in patients with hematological diseases who receive treatment with chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant. STUDY DESIGN The study was carried out on(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess control of blood glucose and other cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic patients monitored at an outpatient endocrinology clinic. To ascertain treatment used and its changes over time. PATIENTS AND METHODS A cohort of 424 randomly selected diabetic patients (both type 1 and type 2) was monitored from 2004 to 2008. Final cohort size(More)
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