Jose Antonio Caro

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Golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) were infected with Taenia solium metacestodes dissected from infected pig meat. Adult worms were collected from hamster intestines of animals killed 5–60 days post-infection (dpi), incubated in RPMI 1640 medium with or without colchicine, fixed and processed for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Sections for(More)
Metallic foams with pore sizes from 250 lm to 2 mm have been a subject of research for over two decades due to their high surface area, which allows for a variety of applications, such as thermal and sound insulation. Recently, processing of metallic foams at the nanoscale (pores sizes less than 100 nm) has opened the door to new and interesting(More)
Taenia solium adults were grown in hamsters infected by feeding them with cysticerci from pig carcasses. Viable strobilae were collected from the hamster duodenum 20–60 days post-infection, fixed and processed for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Fourteen strobilae were cut into pieces and embedded in individual blocks. Sections, stained with(More)
Molecular recognition by proteins is fundamental to molecular biology. Dissection of the thermodynamic energy terms governing protein-ligand interactions has proven difficult, with determination of entropic contributions being particularly elusive. NMR relaxation measurements have suggested that changes in protein conformational entropy can be(More)
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