Jose Antônio Heisinger Rodrigues

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In this paper, methods are presented for automatic detection of the nipple and the pectoral muscle edge in mammograms via image processing in the Radon domain. Radon-domain information was used for the detection of straight-line candidates with high gradient. The longest straight-line candidate was used to identify the pectoral muscle edge. The nipple was(More)
This paper describes part of content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system that has been developed for mammograms. Details are presented of methods implemented to derive measures of similarity based upon structural characteristics and distributions of density of the fibroglandular tissue, as well as the anatomical size and shape of the breast region as seen(More)
Several histologic studies regarding peri-implant soft tissues and biological width around dental implants have been done in animals. However, these findings in human peri-implant soft tissues are very scarce. Therefore, the aim of this case series was to compare the biological width around unloaded one- and two-piece implants retrieved from human jaws.(More)
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