Jose A. Ventura

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Papaya meleira virus (PMeV) is the causal agent of papaya sticky disease. This study describes two methods for molecular diagnosis of PMeV using conventional and real-time PCR. These methods were shown to be more efficient than current methods of viral detection using extraction of PMeV dsRNA and observation of symptoms in the field. The methods described(More)
Papaya meleira virus (PMeV) is the causal agent of papaya sticky disease, which is characterized by a spontaneous exudation of fluid and aqueous latex from the papaya fruit and leaves. The latex oxidizes after atmospheric exposure, resulting in a sticky feature on the fruit from which the name of the disease originates. PMeV is an isometric virus particle(More)
Papaya (Carica papaya L.) hosts the only described laticifer-infecting virus (Papaya meleira virus, PMeV), which is the causal agent of papaya sticky disease. To understand the systemic effects of PMeV in papaya, we conducted a comprehensive proteomic analysis of leaf samples from healthy and diseased plants grown under field conditions. First, a reference(More)
Broadcast is the task of transmitting a message from any node in a network to all other nodes in the network. A minimal broadcast network (mbn) is a communication network in which a message can be broadcasted in minimum time regardless of the originator. In this article, a new method to construct such mbn's is presented. The new method improves the best(More)
Lot-streaming is the process of splitting a job (lot) into a number of smaller sublots so that successive operations can be overlapped in a multi-stage production system. This paper presents a procedure for minimizing the mean weighted absolute deviation from due dates when jobs are scheduled in a lot-streaming #ow shop. This performance criterion has been(More)
MicroRNAs are implicated in the response to biotic stresses. Papaya meleira virus (PMeV) is the causal agent of sticky disease, a commercially important pathology in papaya for which there are currently no resistant varieties. PMeV has a number of unusual features, such as residence in the laticifers of infected plants, and the response of the papaya to(More)