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Evolving fuzzy systems (EFSs) use online learning to extract knowledge from data, perform a high-level adaptation of the network structure, and learn parameters. In this paper, we describe the performance of an EFS that is called similarity mapping, where the training pairs (xi and zi) are compressed into input and output clusters. The predictive error is(More)
Floating-gate MOS transistors have been widely used in diverse analog and digital applications. One of these is as a charge sensitive device in sensors for pH measurement in solutions or using gates with metals like Pd or Pt for hydrogen sensing. Efforts are being made to monolithically integrate sensors together with controlling and signal processing(More)
In this manuscript we present the implementation of an artificial neural network type Multilayer Perceptron (ANN-MP or NNMP) in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), including Back-Propagation training method based on descendent gradient. This network has 2 reconfigurable hidden layers, adjustable parameters (epochs and ratio learning) and batch learning.(More)
The Levenberg-Marquardt optimization method is an iterative numerical technique that can be used to deal with the problem of least squares curve fitting. In particular, in this work it is used to fit the parameters involved in a semi-empirical model of the pFGMOS describing the hot-electron injection current. The injection current is a physical mechanism by(More)
An offset reduction technique using floating gate technology and LMS algorithm is presented. Offset reduction in operational amplifiers is achieved by programming two floating gate transistors that form an important part of a single-stage folded cascode amplifier. Floating-gate transistors were programmed for a minimum offset voltage of ±25µV(More)
Mechanisms for pattern formation in biological organisms and chemical reactions have been broadly studied in last half of past century, because of they were frequently observed in many experiments. Traditional static patterns on the plane are patches forming hexagons, stripes and inverted hexagonal patches. Frequently, they are studied using(More)
Floating-Gate-MOS Transistor (FGMOSFET) has several applications on analog circuit design; in some cases FGMOSFET simplifies high-complexity circuits because of its inherent properties. On the other side, working with FGMOSFET on subthreshold regime has allowed non-linear function implementation such as exponential and natural logarithm functions. Moreover,(More)
This work presents an optimized Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Architecture for an Infomax algorithm based on Independent Component Analysis (ICA). We use this algorithm to solving Blind Source Separation (BSS) problems in real-time mixed signal processing in order to clean speech signals under noisy environments and to probe the(More)