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The effect of NaCl stress (50 mM) and validamycin A treatment (30 mM) on growth and nitrogen fixation of Lotus japonicus was investigated in plants cultured under symbiotic and hydroponics conditions for teen weeks (flowering stage). Validamycin A was used as a potent trehalase inhibitor, and was able to produce a five-fold increase in the level of(More)
Genetic and biochemical characterization of TraA, the relaxase of symbiotic plasmid pRetCFN42d from Rhizobium etli, is described. After purifying the relaxase domain (N265TraA), we demonstrated nic binding and cleavage activity in vitro and thus characterized for the first time the nick site (nic) of a plasmid in the family Rhizobiaceae. We studied the(More)
The purification and characterization of trehalase from common bean nodules as well as the role of this enzyme on growth, nodulation nitrogen fixation by examining the effects of the trehalase inhibitor validamycin A, was studied. Validamycin A did not affect plant and nodule mass, neither root trehalase and nitrogenase activity; however this treatment(More)
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