Jose A. Guimarāes Morais

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We report a single case study of a brain-damaged patient, ER, who showed a remarkably consistent category-specific deficit for living things. His impairment was observed across tasks (naming, definition, matching, drawing from memory, questionnaires), input modalities (visual, verbal, nonverbal auditory), and output modalities (verbal vs. pointing or visual(More)
PGC-1α regulates critical processes in muscle physiology, including mitochondrial biogenesis, lipid metabolism and angiogenesis. Furthermore, PGC-1α was suggested as an important regulator of fiber type determination. However, whether a muscle fiber type-specific PGC-1α content exists, whether PGC-1α content relates to basal levels of mitochondrial content,(More)
Auditory lexical decision entails speeded classication of spoken words and nonwords. Given its implicit requirement of full lexical processing, auditory lexical decision has wide applicability. Indeed, the paradigm is currently used to study basic processes in word recognition, the nature of the mental lexicon, effects of word frequency, neighbour effects(More)
A survey of quality assurance (QA) systems in European faculties of pharmacy was carried out under the auspices of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy PHARMINE consortium. A questionnaire based on the quality criteria of the International Pharmaceutical Federation and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (USA) was sent out to(More)
PURPOSE Previous functional neuroimaging studies suggest that selective aspects of the brain serotonin (5-HT) system change during the aging process. Here, we assessed the effects of aging on the brain regional alpha-[(11)C]methyl-L: -tryptophan (alpha-[(11)C]MTrp) trapping rate constant (K*; microl.g(-1).min(-1)), which, with certain assumptions, could be(More)
We report a new case of visual associative agnosia. Our patient (DJ) was impaired in several tasks assessing visual processing of real objects, colour pictures, and line drawings. The deficit was present both with naming and gesturing responses. Object processing in other modalities (verbal, auditory nonverbal, and tactile) was intact. Semantic processing(More)
INTRODUCTION Care of the older adult in the acute care hospital is becoming more challenging. Patients 65 years and older account for 35% of hospital discharges and 45% of hospital days. Up to one-third of the hospitalized frail elderly loses independent functioning in one or more activities of daily living as a result of the 'hostile environment' that is(More)
Evidence is accumulating that vitamin K could have a role in cognition, especially in aging. Using data from the Québec Longitudinal Study on Nutrition and Successful Aging (NuAge), a cross-sectional analysis was conducted to examine the associations between vitamin K status, measured as serum phylloquinone concentrations, and performance in verbal and(More)
With the availability of a potential treatment to reverse male hypogonadism (MH), the primary aim of this case series study was to determine independent relationships between this condition and the nutritional, functional, and quality of life characteristics of advanced cancer patients (ACP). Free testosterone levels were measured in 100 male patients with(More)
Background Information: Limited research has suggested that rural residents are at increased risk of dementia. Objective: The objective of this study is to determine if rural residence is associated with dementia using both cross-sectional and prospective analyses. Methods: In 1991, 1763 community-dwelling adults aged 65+ participated in the Manitoba Study(More)