Jose A. Goncalves

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This paper presents a methodology of image orientation and DEM extraction from ALOS-PRISM stereopairs without the use of GCPs. It uses the approximate geo-location information derived from the sensor navigation instruments and the SRTM-DEM. The method consists in the extraction of a relative DEM, which initially is not correctly geo-referenced. This(More)
Dentre as teorias que tentam elucidar a patogênese da neuralgia do trigê-meo, algumas procuram explicá-la por mecanismos compressivos das raízes trigeminals na base do crânio. As malformações occipitocervicais podem, ocasionalmente, provocar trigemi-nalgias. Casos raros de impressão basilar como causa de trigeminalgia foram publicados por Obrador & Boixadós(More)
PRISM is a three-line scanner, on board of ALOS satellite, fully dedicated to the acquisition of high resolution panchromatic stereo imagery, for the generation of global terrain elevation data. Common processes of DSM generation required accurate ground control data, which may not be available in many areas were these imagery may be more useful. This paper(More)
1. ABSTRACT We propose a new method to measure changes in terrain topography from two optical stereo image pairs acquired at different dates. The main novelty is in the ability of computing the spatial distribution of uncertainty, thanks to stochastic modeling and probabilistic inference. Thus, scientists will have access to quantitative error estimates of(More)
This paper presents a methodology for planimetric adjustment of elevation data to the SRTM Digital Elevation Model (SRTM-DEM), by correlation. It can be applied to geo-reference any geographic dataset with an elevation component, such as rasterised maps with contours or DEMs. The accuracy around 5 meters was achieved by this geo-referencing method assessed(More)
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