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Scatter search is a population-based method that has recently been shown to yield promising outcomes for solving combinatorial and nonlinear optimization problems. Based on formulations originally proposed in the 1960s for combining decision rules and problem constraints such as the surrogate constraint method, scatter search uses strategies for combining(More)
BACKGROUND We consider the problem of parameter estimation (model calibration) in nonlinear dynamic models of biological systems. Due to the frequent ill-conditioning and multi-modality of many of these problems, traditional local methods usually fail (unless initialized with very good guesses of the parameter vector). In order to surmount these(More)
A new algorithm for global optimization of costly nonlinear continuous problems is presented in this paper. The algorithm is based on the scatter search metaheuristic, which has recently proved to be efficient for solving combinatorial and nonlinear optimization problems. A kriging-based prediction method has been coupled to the main optimization routine in(More)
In this paper we present a new evolutionary method for complex-process optimization. It is partially based on principles of the scatter search methodology, but it makes use of innovative strategies to be more effective in the context of complex-process optimization using a small number of tuning parameters. In particular, we introduce a new combination(More)
Mathematical models play a key role in systems biology: they summarize the currently available knowledge in a way that allows to make experimentally verifiable predictions. Model calibration consists of finding the parameters that give the best fit to a set of experimental data, which entails minimizing a cost function that measures the goodness of this(More)
Two novel extensions for the well known Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) framework are introduced here, which allow the solution of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs (MINLP). Furthermore , a hybrid implementation (ACOmi) based on this extended ACO framework, specially developed for complex non-convex MINLPs, is presented together with numerical results. These(More)
Mathematical optimization is at the core of many problems in systems biology: (1) as the underlying hypothesis for model development, (2) in model identification, or (3) in the computation of optimal stimulation procedures to synthetically achieve a desired biological behavior. These problems are usually formulated as nonlinear programing problems (NLPs)(More)
Optimization is the key to solving many problems in computational biology. Global optimization methods, which provide a robust methodology, and metaheuristics in particular have proven to be the most efficient methods for many applications. Despite their utility, there is a limited availability of metaheuristic tools. We present MEIGO, an R and Matlab(More)
The estimation of parameter values for mathematical models of biological systems is an optimization problem that is particularly challenging due to the nonlinearities involved. One major difficulty is the existence of multiple minima in which standard optimization methods may fall during the search. Deterministic global optimization methods overcome this(More)