Joscelyn E Seaton

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OBJECTIVES Exosomes are 50-90nm extracellular membrane particles that may mediate trans-cellular communication between cells and tissues. We have reported that human urinary exosomes contain miRNA that are biomarkers for salt sensitivity and inverse salt sensitivity of blood pressure. This study examines exosomal transfer between cultured human renal(More)
The object of the study was to investigate the effect on gonadotrophin secretion of a small increase in oestradiol concentration. A total of 13 fully breast-feeding women (12 weeks post-partum) underwent serial blood sampling at 10 min intervals for 12 h on 2 different days; day 1 untreated and day 5 after 3 days of treatment with transcutaneous oestradiol(More)
Our objective was to evaluate the effect of a change in treatment protocols, suggested following an inspection visit by the regulatory authority, from single to double inseminations during donor insemination treatment cycles. We therefore conducted a retrospective audit of pregnancy rates in the reproductive medicine clinic of a major teaching hospital. All(More)
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