Jos e Meseguer

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Rewriting logic is proposed as a logic of concurrent action and change that solves the frame problem and that subsumes and uniies a number of previous logics of change, including linear logic and Horn logic with equality. Rewriting logic can represent action and change with great exibility and generality; this exibility is illustrated by many examples,(More)
Rewriting logic 72] is proposed as a logical framework in which other logics can be represented, and as a semantic framework for the speciication of languages and systems. Using concepts from the theory of general logics 70], representations of an object logic L in a framework logic F are understood as mappings L ! F that translate one logic into the other(More)
This paper explores the application of rewriting logic to the executable formal mod-eling of real-time and hybrid systems. We give general techniques by which such systems can be speciied as ordinary rewrite theories, and show that a wide range of real-time and hybrid system models, including object-oriented systems, timed au-tomata 4], hybrid automata 2],(More)
BACKGROUND Anisakis simplex is a helmintic parasite of fish and shellfish that can induce in humans, after consumption, an immunoallergic response with multiorganic affectation, especially cutaneous (urticaria and angioedema), gastrointestinal and anaphylactic symptoms. Nephrotic syndrome can be produced by helmintic infection, especially schistosomiasis.(More)
This paper proposes a declarative paradigm in which paral-lelism is implicit and machine-independent, and the programs so developed are intrinsically parallel. This paradigm is obtained by generalizing the notion of rewriting to make it more widely applicable and capable of expressing not only functional computations but also a wide variety of parallel(More)
Web applications are useful for various online services. These web applications are becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. They are used for multiple purposes such as e-commerce, financial services, emails, healthcare services and many other captious services. But the presence of vulnerabilities in the web application may become a serious cause for the(More)
Rewriting logic expresses an essential equivalence between logic and computation. System states are in bijective correspondence with formulas, and concurrent computations are in bijective correspondence with proofs. Given this equivalence between computation and logic, a rewriting logic axiom of the form t ?! t 0 has two readings. Computationally, it means(More)