Jos de Bruin

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This paper 1 decdbes a computational treatment of the semantics of relational nouns. It covers relational nouns such as "sister.and "commander; and focuses especially on a particular subcategory of them, called function nouns ('speed; "distance', "rating'). Rela-tional nouns are usually viewed as either requiring non-compositional semantic interpretation,(More)
In this paper we present a symbolic evaluator of LISP functions. It can handle data-altering functions of the RPLACA type, i.e. functions that change one datastructure by replacing parts of it by other structures that will themselves not be changed further, at least not permanently. The state description language uses first-order predicate calculus. It is(More)
As part of DARPA's Strategic Computing Program, we have moved a large natural language system out of the laboratory. This involved: o Delivery of knowledge acquisition software to the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) to build linguistic knowledge bases, such as dictionary entries and case frames, o Demonstration of the natural language interface in a naval(More)
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