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Model Set of elements that describes some physical, abstract, or hypothetical system Abstraction from one or several properties E.g., real size, material, level of detail Means of communication Cheaper to build than the real system More suitable for analysis (e.g., by static analysis or simulation) than the real system Decision help Examples: Modelica(More)
In November 1998 the authors participated in a two-day workshop on the Object Constraint Language (OCL) in Amsterdam. The focus was to clarify issues about the semantics and the use of OCL, and to discuss useful and necessary extensions of OCL. Various topics have been raised and clarified. This manifesto contains the results of that workshop and the(More)
Software systems need to evolve, and systems built using model-driven approaches are no exception. What complicates model-driven engineering is that it requires multiple dimensions of evolution. In regular evolution, the model-ing language is used to make the changes. In meta-model evolution, changes are required to the modeling notation. In platform(More)
The UML's Object Constraint Language provides the modeller of object-oriented systems with ways to express the semantics of a model in a precise and declarative manner. The constraints which can be expressed in this language, all state requirements on the static aspects of the system. The Object Constraint Language currently lacks a way to express that(More)
This paper describes some experiences in building a software factory by defining multiple small domain specific languages (DSLs) and having multiple small models per DSL. This is in high contrast with traditional approaches using monolithic models, e.g. written in UML. In our approach, models behave like source code to a large extend, leading to an easy way(More)
The Unified Modeling Language is extensible, and so can be regarded as a family of languages. Implicitly or explicitly, any particular UML model should be accompanied by a definition of the particular UML family member used for the model. The definition should cover syntactic and semantic issues. This paper proposes a mechanism for associating models with(More)
Permission to make digital or hard copies of part, or all of this work for personal or classroom use, is granted without fee, provided that the copies are not made for profit, or commercial advantage, and that copies bear this notice, and full citation on the first page. Summary This report describes a study into the rearchitecting of the semantics of the(More)