Jos Van Slycken

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Populus deltoides, P. nigra, and P. trichocarpa are the most important species for poplar breeding programs worldwide. In addition, Populus has become a model for fundamental research on trees. Linkage maps were constructed for these three species by analyzing progeny of two controlled crosses sharing the same female parent, Populus deltoides cv. S9-2 x P.(More)
The polyploid Salix alba-Salix fragilis hybrid complex is rather difficult to study when using only morphological characters. Most of the features have a low diagnostic value for unambiguously identifying the hybrids, introgression patterns and population structures, though morphological traits have proved to be useful in making a hybrid index. Morphology(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The taxonomical structure of the polymorphic subgenus Rosa section Caninae is highly complex due to the combination of some unusual features: the unique polyploid chromosomal constitution, the heterogamic canina meiosis, the ability to hybridize interspecifically, and the predominantly matroclinal inheritance. Although most taxonomists(More)
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