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This paper presents an upgraded cable model of mammalian myelinated nerve fibers in an extracellularly applied field. The kinetics of the nodes is based upon voltage clamp data in rat motor fibers at 37 degrees C, while the resting membrane potential is computed with the Goldman equation. The resulting spike shape, conduction velocity, strength/duration(More)
Teacher absenteeism in government primary schools in rural India is a huge and well-documented phenomenon. Using Christopher Hood's cultural-theory framework of doing public management, this paper analyses this problem from four different perspectives, i.e. the hierarchist, egalitarian, individualist and fatalist management approach. The paper proceeds with(More)
(EUR). Postgraduate teaching programmes range from six-week diploma courses to the PhD programme. Research at ISS is fundamental in the sense of laying a scientific basis for the formulation of appropriate development policies. The academic work of ISS is disseminated in the form of books, journal articles, teaching texts, monographs and working papers. The(More)
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