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Parallel computing with the MATLAB® language and environment has received interest from various quarters. The Parallel Computing ToolboxTM and MATLAB® Distributed Computing ServerTM from The MathWorks are among several available tools that offer this capability. We explore some of the key features of the parallel MATLAB language that these tools offer. We(More)
We study the complexity of evaluating positive equality-free sentences of first-order (FO) logic over fixed, finite structures B. This may be seen as a natural generalisation of the non-uniform quantified constraint satisfaction problem QCSP(B). Extending the algebraic methods of a previous paper, we derive a complete complexity classification for these(More)
This investigation examined the effectiveness of picture cues in establishing self-control in the completion of complex meals by mildly and moderately retarded adults. Three participants, who lived in nonsheltered residential settings, were trained to prepare five complex meals. Following a training baseline comprised of pre-instruction, instructional(More)
Using a SAT-solver on top of a partial previously-known solution we improve the upper bound of the packing chromatic number of the infinite square lattice from 17 to 15. We discuss the merits of SAT-solving for this kind of problem as well as compare the performance of different encodings. Further, we improve the lower bound from 12 to 13 again using a(More)
This study examined the effects of two indirect corrective feedback procedures on the assembly skills of five secondary students with moderate mental retardation. Picture and video referencing conditions, during which the experimenters pointed to a picture or video screen following a performance error and requested the student do the step again, were more(More)
This paper examines a novel approach to evaluating a nurse-run telephonic low back pain (LBP) disease management (DM) program offered by a fully-insured commercial health plan population with approximately 150,000 members located in the northeastern United States. Members with at least 6 member months of eligibility were identified to have LBP using(More)
The purpose of this study was to teach two mentally retarded employees to perform tasks associated with their jobs. Typically, they served meals during lunch and dinner hours; however, they failed to wipe counters, and check and restock supplies. A self-instructional package, similar to the package introduced by Bornstein and Quevillon (1976), was(More)
Estimates of psychoactive drug use among persons residing in community and institutional settings suggest high prevalence rates. Psychoactive drug use has been associated with impairments in adaptive functioning. As a result, drug-induced effects may represent potential confounds that need to be considered when evaluating treatment outcomes. Consequently,(More)