Jos J. Winnink

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In September 2015 Thomson Reuters published its Ranking of Innovative Universities (RIU). Covering 100 large research-intensive universities worldwide, Stanford University came in first, MIT was second and Harvard in third position. But how meaningful is this outcome? In this paper we will take a critical view from a methodological perspective. We focus our(More)
Some say that world science has become more ‘applied’, or at least more ‘application-oriented’, in recent years. Replacing the ill-defined distinction between ‘basic research’ and ‘applied research’, we introduce ‘research application orientation’ domains as an alternative conceptual and analytical framework for examining research output growth patterns. To(More)
Research question and methodology Each research-active university has a unique institutional profile in so far as the kind of research that is done. The multidimensional nature of the research activities runs across several distinctive spectra such as: " basic " to " application oriented " research, theoretical to empirical, observational to experimental,(More)
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