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Wilting for helping us obtain data on privatization terms in various countries. We thank the Finnish Central Securities Depository for providing us data and Markku Kaustia, Juhani Linnainmaa, Lauri Pietarinen, and Elias Rantapuska for participating in its analysis. We also thank the many companies that responded to our requests for prospectuses or(More)
The white-flowered Tulipa kolbintsevii (Liliaceae), section Biflores, occurs in SE Kazakhstan, Dzjungarian Ala-Tau, Taskora valley. So far only T. aff. altaica and T. brachystemon (sect. Kolpakowskianae) both with yellow flowers, flushed greenish–violet or red on the outside, were known to be present there. It differs in that it is not only the easternmost(More)
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