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This note addresses the history of process algebra as an area of research in concurrency theory, the theory of parallel and distributed systems in computer science. Origins are traced back to the early sev-enties of the twentieth century, and developments since that time are sketched. The author gives his personal views on these matters. He also considers(More)
We discuss a combination of GSOS-type structural operational semantics with explicit termination, that we call the tagh-format (tagh being short for termination and GSOS hybrid). The tagh-format distinguishes between transition and termination rules, but allows besides active and negative premises as in GSOS, also for, what is called terminating and passive(More)
The axiom system ACP of [10] was extended to discrete time in [6]. Here, we proceed to define the silent step in this theory in branching bisimulation semantics [7, 15] rather than weak bisimulation semantics [11, 20]. The version using relative timing is discussed extensively, versions using absolute and para-metric timing are presented in brief. A term(More)