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We describe an axiom system ACP p that incorporates real timed actions. Many examples are provided in order to explain the intuitive contents of the notation. ACP p is a generalisation of ACP. This implies that some of the axioms have to be relaxed and that ACP can be recovered as a special case from it. The purpose of ACP p is to serve as a specification(More)
This note addresses the history of process algebra as an area of research in concurrency theory, the theory of parallel and distributed systems in computer science. Origins are traced back to the early sev-enties of the twentieth century, and developments since that time are sketched. The author gives his personal views on these matters. He also considers(More)
— We revisit the central notion of controllability in supervisory control theory from process-theoretic perspective. To this end, we investigate partial bisimulation preorder, a be-havioral preorder that is coarser than bisimulation equivalence and finer than simulation preorder. It is parameterized by a subset of the set of actions that need to be(More)
The axiom system ACP of [BeK84a] was extended with real time features in [BaB91]. Here we proceed to define a discrete time extension of ACP, along the lines of ATP [NiS94]. We present versions based on relative timing and on absolute timing. Both approaches are integrated using parametric timing. The time free ACP theory is embedded in the discrete time(More)