Jos B.T.M. Roerdink

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UNLABELLED SpotXplore is a plugin for Cytoscape for extraction and visualization of differentially expressed subnetworks (hotspots) from gene networks. The hotspot-based visualization approach enables interactive exploration of regulatory interactions in differentially expressed gene sets, and it allows a researcher to explore gene expression in direct(More)
BACKGROUND A typical step in the analysis of gene expression data is the determination of clusters of genes that exhibit similar expression patterns. Researchers are confronted with the seemingly arbitrary choice between numerous algorithms to perform cluster analysis. RESULTS We developed an exploratory application that benchmarks the results of(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a plethora of functional genomic efforts, the function of many genes in sequenced genomes remains unknown. The increasing amount of microarray data for many species allows employing the guilt-by-association principle to predict function on a large scale: genes exhibiting similar expression patterns are more likely to participate in shared(More)
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