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 Distance teaching and learning involve some definite problems. One of them has to deal with the loneliness that the student faces and that he has to assume the whole responsibility of the learning process. This requires considerable motivation and a strong tendency to exert himself. The CAEE workgroup in the Electric Engineering and Computer Department of(More)
This paper explores the links between unemployment, retirement and their associated public insurance programs. It is a contribution to a growing body of literature focused on a better understanding of the labor behavior of advanced-age workers, which has gained importance as the pension crisis looms. The analysis combines a detailed exploration of the(More)
We present a method to determine political profiles of a voters population through the application of learning algorithms and game theory. Our process began with a collection of surveys gathered in two ways, from a website and directly from voters. Having a linear hierarchy on the attributes expressing the political preferences of the voters allow to apply(More)
The Central Bank of Chile has prepared and disseminated the yearly financial flow of funds (excluding balance sheets) since the early 1990s. In addition, the annual non-financial accounts have been compiled since 2000. In general terms, these accounts are compiled for institutional units or their groups, based on their respective balance sheets and(More)
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