Joséphine Sire

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We have previously demonstrated that H-2Kd-restricted CTL specific for HLA-CW3 or HLA-A24 can recognize synthetic peptides corresponding to residues 170-182 of the HLA molecules. Synthetic oligonucleotides encoding region 170-182 of CW3 or A24 were inserted into the influenza nucleoprotein (NP) gene. We demonstrate herein that P815 (H-2d) cells transfected(More)
Uracil is a natural base of RNA but may appear in DNA through two different pathways including cytosine deamination or misincorporation of deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotide (dUTP) during DNA replication and constitutes one of the most frequent DNA lesions. In cellular organisms, such lesions are faithfully cleared out through several universal DNA(More)
HIV-1 Vpr is a virion-associated protein. Its activities link to viral pathogenesis and disease progression of HIV-infected patients. In vitro, Vpr moderately activates HIV-1 replication in proliferating T cells, but it is required for efficient viral infection and replication in vivo in non-dividing cells such as macrophages. How exactly Vpr contributes to(More)
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