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Tumor-associated antigen was found by reacting sera from two patients with giant cell tumor of bone with cells derived from their tumors, using autologous serum as intermediate reactant and fluorescein-conjugated goat anti-human IgG as final reactant. Approximately 40% of the plump, spindle-shaped cells that formed the background stroma of these tumors(More)
The cheetah in the wild is "racing towards extinction" mostly due to habitat destruction. Its survival will probably depend on accelerated captive breeding. At this time, however, reproductive failure and liver disease threaten the future of the captive cheetah population. Histopathological evaluation of more than 100 cheetah livers identified venocclusive(More)
The conversion of androgens to estrogens by aromatase represents a major alteration in hormonal expression, and its regulation offers a promising method for therapeutic control of disease processes that are hormonally dependent. The design of suicide inhibitors based on enzyme-activated mechanisms provides an attractive approach for regulation of estrogen(More)
The American culinary field has experienced a broadening in recent decades. While French food retains high status, gourmet food can now come from a broad range of cuisines. This change mirrors a broadening in other cultural fields labeled " omnivorousness " within the sociology of culture. The authors take gourmet food writing as a case study to understand(More)
(5 alpha, 20S)-4-Diazo-21-hydroxy-20-methylpregnan-3-one, a mechanism-based inhibitor of testosterone 5 alpha-reductase, produced pronounced and long lasting inhibition of the enzyme in the prostate and preputial glands when administered orally to rats. Administration of the inhibitor to castrate rats bearing testosterone implants produced inhibition of(More)
We have extensively characterized cell lines derived from six human osteosarcomas. The growth properties of these cultures were compared to those of fibroblastic cultures derived from skin of osteosarcoma patients and skin of bone-marrow of normal individuals. Each tumor-derived line showed some but not all of the abnormal growth properties usually(More)
Human choriocarcinoma trophoblast cells (JAr line) were utilized as whole cell preparations in tissue culture to evaluate the effects of mechanism-based inactivation or "suicide inhibition" of estrogen biosynthesis. A C-19 acetylenic analog (MDL 18,962) of the substrate, androstenedione, was evaluated in competitive and time-dependent assays. Product(More)
The peripheral aromatization ([rho]BM) of androstenedione (A) and testosterone (T) was measured before and after administration of the aromatase inhibitor 10-(2 propynyl)estr-4-ene-3,17-dione (MDL-18,962) to five mature female baboons, Papio annubis. The measurements were made by infusing [3H]androstenedione/[14C]estrone or [3H]testosterone/[14C]estradiol(More)
A series of 7alpha- and 7beta- alkyl derivatives of steroidal 4-en- and 5-en-3-ones were prepared by 1,6-conjugate addition of organocopper reagents to various steroidal 4,6-dien-3-ones of the androstane, estrane and gonane series. Biological study of these and related compounds revealed that 17beta-hydroxy-7alpha-methyl-5-androsten-3-one (2),(More)
Liver tissues from 126 captive cheetah were evaluated by light microscopy and histochemistry; eight animals were evaluated by electron microscopy. The main hepatic lesion, a vascular lesion resembling veno-occlusive disease (VOD) of the liver and characterized by subendothelial fibrosis and proliferation of smooth muscle-like cells in the central veins, was(More)