JoséF. Gonçalves

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  • J. Gonçalves, S. Guimarães
  • 1991
This study was undertaken in an attempt to explain why in some of the tissues in which noradrenaline and ATP act as co-transmitters the noradrenergic component predominates, while in others the predominant component is purinergic. Four different tissues were used: the epididymal portion of the rat vas deferens and the rabbit ear artery, tissues where the(More)
  • J. Gonçalves, F. Carvalho, S. Guimarães
  • 1989
The present study was undertaken to compare the presynaptic interaction of neuronal noradrenaline uptake inhibitors with imidazoline and phenylethylamine α2adrenoceptor agonists under two different conditions: at low and high noradrenaline concentrations in the biophase. Isolated mouse vasa deferentia were stimulated with trains of 7 pulses given at 0.2 Hz(More)
— A dynamical system can exhibit structure on multiple levels. Different system representations can capture different elements of a dynamical system's structure. We consider LTI input-output dynamical systems and present four representations of structure: complete computational structure, subsystem structure, signal structure, and input output sparsity(More)
This paper describes and compares several approaches applied to compute the inverse kinematics of a 10 degrees of freedom hyper-redundant robot. The proposed approaches are based on an exhaustive method and several error optimization algorithms. The algorithms' performance was evaluated based on two criteria: computing time and final actuator positioning(More)
  • J. Gonçalves, J. P. Nunes, M. Q. Paiva, S. Guimarães
  • 2004
This study examined the nature of α-adrenoceptor subtype involved in pressor responses to so-called selective α1-adrenoceptor agonists after treatment with phenoxybenzamine in vivo. The influence of prazosin (0.1 mg/kg) and of yohimbine (1 mg/kg) on the dose-response curves for cirazoline in the pithed rat, and for phenylephrine in the anaesthetized dog(More)
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