JoséF. Gonçalves

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— A dynamical system can exhibit structure on multiple levels. Different system representations can capture different elements of a dynamical system's structure. We consider LTI input-output dynamical systems and present four representations of structure: complete computational structure, subsystem structure, signal structure, and input output sparsity(More)
This paper describes and compares several approaches applied to compute the inverse kinematics of a 10 degrees of freedom hyper-redundant robot. The proposed approaches are based on an exhaustive method and several error optimization algorithms. The algorithms' performance was evaluated based on two criteria: computing time and final actuator positioning(More)
Although system identification of complex networks is widely studied, most of the work focuses on modelling the dynamics of the ground truth without exploring the topology because in many applications, the network topology is known as a priori. For instance, in industry since the system is artificial, its topology is fixed and the system dynamics is(More)
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