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BACKGROUND Fracture dislocations of the thoracolumbar spine are, to a great extent, associated with neurologic deficit and instability, so a large percentage of them require surgical treatment. Being pregnant does not rule out the possibility of having this type of lesions. There are only a few bibliographic references concerning these cases and medical and(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple cervical spine fractures are a relatively infrequent entity and thus the available information on them is scarce worldwide. The cases reported are usually managed conservatively, with a combination of skeletal traction and various braces, with variable results. There are only a few reports of multiple fractures treated surgically.(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the morphometric anatomy of cervical pedicles is essential for the safe and accurate placement of pedicle screws during instrumentation of the cervical spine. Screw placement in the lumbar and thoracic vertebrae is considered as a safe practice, unlike the cervical vertebrae due to the risks involved. There are few reports on this(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine changes in neurological status in patients with traumatic cord lesions before and after surgical treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS We conducted a descriptive cohort study, and measured 61 points of neurologic evaluation (sensory, motor, reflexes) of the Sequential Clinical History. RESULTS We studied 28 patients with complete cord(More)
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