José Viña-Almunia

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High rates of stem cell proliferation are important in regenerative medicine and in stem cell banking for clinical use. Ambient oxygen tensions (21% O2) are normally used for in vitro culture, but physiological levels in vivo range between 3% and 6% O2. We compared proliferation of human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs) cultured under 21% versus 3% O2. The(More)
Human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs) are a source for cell therapy. Before implantation, an in vitro expansion step is necessary, with the inconvenience that hDPSCs undergo senescence following a certain number of passages, loosing their stemness properties. Long-term in vitro culture of hDPSCs at 21% (ambient oxygen tension) compared with 3-6% oxygen(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relation between occlusal loading and peri-implant clinical parameters (probing depth, bleeding on probing, gingival retraction, width of keratinized mucosa, and crevicular fluid volume) in patients with implant-supported complete fixed prostheses in both arches. MATERIAL AND METHODS This clinical study took place at the(More)
A literature review is made to analyze the survival of implants placed with the osteotome technique. A PubMed search was made based on the key words "osteotome AND dental implants", corresponding to publications between 1998-2008. The inclusion criteria were: a) a minimum of 10 patients; b) a minimum follow-up of 6 months; c) implants placed using the(More)
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