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The demand for defense in East Asia: Modeling security alternatives∗
An interactive economic model of military spending is proposed. It is quantified on the basis of cross section data for East Asia. Projections of military spending to the end of the decade suggestExpand
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The future of citizenship
The ongoing expansion in the field of citizenship studies is one of the most important and remarkable recent trends in social sciences and humanities research. Some scholars raise questions aboutExpand
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Freedom : reassessments and rephrasings
Some philosophers conceive freedom as a state; others view it as an ideal. A songwriter sees it as a way of life: "Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way toExpand
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Indeterminacy : the mapped, the navigable, and the uncharted
Definitions, distinctions, and dilemmas / Jose V. Ciprut -- Indeterminacy and freedom of the will / Paul Guyer -- Indeterminacy and basic rationality / Russell Hardin -- Interpretation andExpand
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The Art of the Feud: Reconceptualizing International Relations
Preface Introduction: Making Sense of International Relations Theory in Global Context by Jose V. Ciprut Ecological Narratives: Reclaiming the Voice of Theorized Others by Klaus KrippendorffExpand
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Of Fears and Foes: Security and Insecurity in an Evolving Global Political Economy
Preface The Quest for Certainty and the Newer Equations of Security by Jose V. Ciprut On the Otherness that Theory Creates by Klaus Krippendorff From Otherness to Alienation, to Enmity, to War: AExpand
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Ethics, politics, and democracy : from primordial principles to prospective practices
This volume examines continuities and change in the normative underpinnings of both ancient and modern practices of political governance, public duties, private virtues, and personalExpand
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Democratizations : comparisons, confrontations, and contrasts
Democracy is not in steady state and democratizations are open-ended processes; they depend on structures and functions in systemic contexts that idiosyncratically evolve in tone, tenor, direction,Expand
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