José Tiberio Hernández

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We present a simulator for militar fluvial boats, in which we concentrate in the task of shooting. Shooting from a boat is particularly challenging, due to rapid movements, river conditions, and special considerations that should be taken into account for a shooters security. We present a hardware platform that simulates boat movements under different(More)
Virtual shooting training has become very attractive because of possible cost reductions and precise evaluation. This article describes the development of a shooting simulator to train soldiers in fluvial combat. This simulator combines the motion of a mechanical platform with virtual imagery and sound to produce an immersive scenario for training purposes.(More)
—In this paper we propose a visual estimation algorithm to aid the guidance system of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Specifically, we are considering a glider UAV trying to reach a target zone. Given that the UAV is falling fast, the scale of the images captured by the on-board camera grows. The vehicle dynamics and the control algorithm cause fast(More)
The free diffusion phenomena of water molecules occurs in the brain due to thermal energy, so we apply two magnetic field gradient pulses in brain tissue while it happens and we obtain a magnetic field signal associated to the statistical distribution displacement of the population of water molecules in the voxel. It allows the acquisition of a digital(More)
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