José Tiberio Hernández

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We present a simulator for militar fluvial boats, in which we concentrate in the task of shooting. Shooting from a boat is particularly challenging, due to rapid movements, river conditions, and special considerations that should be taken into account for a shooters security. We present a hardware platform that simulates boat movements under different(More)
Virtual shooting training has become very attractive because of possible cost reductions and precise evaluation. This article describes the development of a shooting simulator to train soldiers in fluvial combat. This simulator combines the motion of a mechanical platform with virtual imagery and sound to produce an immersive scenario for training purposes.(More)
Decision making in the context of urban and regional planning requires communication among different stakeholders. This communication process has several barriers because of domain differences, the different nature and types of data, lack of integrated analysis tools, deficiencies in the interaction with data, and information overload. To overcome these(More)
The urban planning process for fast growing cities like Asian and Latin American cities poses huge challenges. One of the most important challenge is the interaction of many stakeholders who have their own tasks, tools, and data. This paper presents a data conversion process and a data model for creating interactive visualizations that support the(More)
Recent advances in web development, including the introduction of HTML5, have opened a door for visualization researchers and developers to quickly access larger audiences worldwide. Open source libraries for the creation of interactive visualizations are becoming more specialized but also modular, which makes them easy to incorporate in domain-specific(More)