José T. Entrambasaguas

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The topic of this work is the use of low voltage distribution lines inside buildings as a transmission medium for broadband communications. This kind of technology is known as PLC and it is not only a promising solution for home networking but also a technical reality [1]. In particular, a channel model that includes the most important physical(More)
We address a major flaw in the abovementioned paper, which proposes to calculate effective capacity of random channels by the use of central limit theorem. We analytically show that the authors are incorrect in finding the effective capacity by first taking the limit of cumulative random process rather than taking the limit of moment generating function of(More)
In this letter, the utilization of a finite number of power levels per constellation in adaptive QAM schemes for flat fading channels is analyzed. Assuming a maximum target BER, the optimum switching thresholds in order to maximize the spectral efficiency are found for Rayleigh fading. Both analysis and simulation results show that a small number of power(More)
The upcoming Third-Generation Partnership Project—Long-Term Evolution (3GPP-LTE) cellular standard will employ spatial multiplexing to significantly increase the data rates. Detection of the spatially multiplexed signals is an essential issue in the design of an LTE receiver. In this paper, we evaluate the performance–complexity tradeoffs for a set of(More)
In this work multiplexing of variable-rate sources over shared generic multiple fading channels is addressed. In general, the performance of existing multiplexing algorithms has been compared in very specific environments, making it difficult to draw general conclusions. In this article we propose a generic variable-rate multiuser and multichannel system(More)
Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) is becoming a very promising candidate for Long Term Evolution (LTE) and future Forth Generation (4G) technology specifications. This paper presents the work-in-progress development of an OFDMA wireless system model, which runs on top of the Wireless Mobile SIMulation platform (WM-SIM). The main physical(More)
The statistical properties of Wishart matrices have been extensively used to analyze the performance of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. In particular, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) output statistics of several MIMO systems depends on the diagonal distribution of a complex Wishart matrix. In this paper, we derive the joint density of the(More)
A blind method for jointly estimating and correcting time, carrier frequency and sampling clock frequency synchronization in OFDM based systems is proposed. The algorithm is particularlly suitable for low-cost terminal implementations, since it provides a great efficiency in terms of hardware complexity. Its performance has been tested on a real system,(More)