José Simon Camelo Jr

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Plasma amino acid levels have never been studied in the placental intervillous space of preterm gestations. Our objective was to determine the possible relationship between plasma amino acids of maternal venous blood (M), of the placental intervillous space (PIVS) and of the umbilical vein (UV) of preterm newborn infants. Plasma amino acid levels were(More)
OBJECTIVE: To review the recent medical literature on nutrition of preterm infants, focusing on practical aspects that are relevant to pediatricians and neonatologists. SOURCES: An extensive review of the related literature using Medline, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and Best Evidence was performed. SUMMARY OF THE FINDINGS: There is compelling(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the behavior of the plotted vectors on the RXc (R - resistance - and Xc - reactance corrected for body height/length) graph through bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIVA) and phase angle (PA) values in stable premature infants, considering the hypothesis that preterm infants present vector behavior on BIVA suggestive of less total body(More)
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