José Simões Redinha

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The structural changes occurring on erythritol as it is cooled from the melt to low temperature, and then heated up to the melting point have been investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), polarized light thermal microscopy (PLTM), X-ray powder diffraction (PXRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). By DSC, it was possible to(More)
The FT-IR spectra of two diastereomers of 2,3-butanediol, (R,S) and (S,S), isolated in low-temperature argon and xenon matrixes were studied, allowing the identification of two different conformers for each compound. These conformers were characterized by a +/-gauche arrangement around the O-C-C-O dihedral angle, thus enabling the establishment of a very(More)
The molecular structure of conformational isomorphs given by X-ray diffraction for racemic and enantiomeric atenolol were optimized at the HF/6-31G* level of theory and the infrared spectra of the structure were calculated. These spectra are used to characterize the differences between the various atenolol conformers. The spectra of the (R,S)- and(More)
Density functional theory calculations using the B3LYP functional and the 6-311++G(d,p) basis set were carried out on the isolated molecules of erythritol and L-threitol. For the meso isomer, a relatively large number of conformers have to be considered to describe the gas state structure. The lowest energy conformer is characterized by the establishment of(More)
Gibbs energy, enthalpy and entropy for the reactions of ciprofloxacin and lomefloxacin with aluminium ion were determined. No significant differences were observed for Gibbs energy values for these fluorquinolones while significant differences were found for enthalpy and entropy. The highly positive values observed for the entropy give evidence for a strong(More)
In this paper, the N(+)-H···N, N(+)-H···O, and O-H···O(-) charge-assisted intramolecular hydrogen bonds (CAHBs) are investigated using different theoretical approaches. Monocharged cyclohexyldiamines (CHDA), aminocyclohexanols (ACHO), and cyclohexanediols (CHDO) are used as model compounds. Geometry optimizations at the MP2/aug-cc-pVDZ level are used to(More)
The present work explores the possibilities of the matrix isolation technique in the structural characterisation of highly flexible molecules. To date, most studies of this type were carried out on molecules with three or less internal degrees of freedom and a few (less than 10) possible conformations. The molecule of 1,2-butanediol has four(More)
Crystallization of pindolol from the melt was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and polarized light thermomicroscopy (PLTM) in order to discriminate the polymorphic forms obtained by this method. The crystallization process originates one exothermic signal localized in two different well-defined temperature ranges. Fusion gives rise to(More)
Beta-adrenoceptor-blocking agents (beta-blockers) are on the list of the top selling drugs. Pindolol is a representative of this type of compound, either from the structural point of view, or as reference for comparison of the pharmacokinetic properties of the beta-blockers. A study of the pindolol structure based on infrared spectroscopy and natural bond(More)