José Silva Matos

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No previously proposed analog built-in self-test method allows simultaneous control of all test points, the basic diagnosis capability required for analog circuits. Here is an approach that allows observation and control of DC voltage levels of all test points simultaneously, with a calibration process that ensures accuracy. Abstract: Power supply current(More)
We present the disparity map computation core of a hardware system for isolating foreground objects in stereoscopic video streams. The operation is based on the computation of dense disparity maps using block-matching algorithms and two well-known metrics: sum of absolute differences and Census transform. Two sets of disparity maps are computed by taking(More)
This paper describes the design of a processor specific for testing cores embedded in system-on-chip. This processor , which can be implemented within a system's reconfig-urable area, shall be responsible for scheduling and control test operations and perform preliminary data processing, as well as to provide the interface with an external tester. Building(More)