José Santos

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Radio Frequency (RF) communications suffer high attenuation underwater, limiting the range of standard IEEE 802.11 networks to a few centimeters underwater. The usage of custom RF solutions at lower frequencies to increase range entails high development costs, and proprietary hardware. This paper evaluates the performance of cost-effective, mass-market(More)
In many applications in metallography and analysis, many regions need to be considered and not only the current region. In cases where there are analyses with multiple images, the specialist should also evaluate neighboring areas. For example, in metallurgy, welding technology is derived from conventional testing and metallographic analysis. In welding,(More)
Objective: To evaluate the effects of oral delayed-release dimethyl fumarate (DMF; also known as gastro-resistant DMF) on MRI lesion activity and load, atrophy, and magnetization transfer ratio (MTR) measures from the Comparator and an Oral Fumarate in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (CONFIRM) study. Methods: CONFIRM was a 2-year, placebo-controlled(More)
Human computer interaction techniques using hand poses are more natural to users than those that rely on devices. In this paper we describe and evaluate two techniques for hand pose recognition, based on a general library for gesture recognition, called CALI. This library was initially designed for calligraphic gesture recognition, however its usage shows(More)
In this work the temporal and dynamic folding of proteins was modeled with neural cellular automata, on the contrary to the ample research performed on the prediction of the final protein structure. Using the Rosetta environment and its coarse-grained representation, starting from an unfolded or partially folded chain, a connectionist model acts like a(More)