José Sanders

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The Basic Communicative Spaces Network (BCSN – Sanders et al., 2009) accounts for crucial semantic–pragmatic characteristics of causal relations expressed by frequently used Dutch causal connectives. BCSN integrates subjectivity theory, domain theory, and mental spaces theory to explain their linguistic categorization. Starting with the original three-way(More)
Several models o f narrative persuasion posit that a reader’s phenomenolog­ ical experience o f a narrative plays a mediating role in the persuasive ef­ fects o f the narrative. Because the narrative reading experience is multi­ dimensional, this experiment investigates which dimensions o f this experi­ ence referred to here as narrative engagement mediate(More)
CONSTRUCTING PARTICIPATORY JOURNALISM AS A SCHOLARLY OBJECT Merel Borger a , Anita van Hoof b , Irene Costera Meijer c & José Sanders d a Department of Language and Communication, Faculty of Arts, VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands b Department of Communication Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University(More)
Current research on identification with narrative characters poses two problems. First, although identification is seen as a dynamic process of which the intensity varies during reading, it is usually measured by means of post-reading questionnaires containing self-report items. Second, it is not clear which linguistic characteristics evoke identification.(More)
Studies of participatory journalism demonstrate that professional journalism can be resistant to change. Journalists and news organizations do wish to encourage audience contribution and digital innovation, but find it difficult to reconcile traditional journalistic values and practices with more participatory ones. In this study, this resistance to change(More)
BACKGROUND The working environment, the nature of the work, and the characteristics of truck drivers as a social group typically pose great challenges for the truck drivers' health and health promotion activities aiming to improve it. OBJECTIVE The purpose was to obtain a better understanding of (a) Dutch truck drivers' perceptions of health and lifestyle(More)