José Salvador Rubio-Asensio

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The relationship between potassium deficiency and the antioxidative defense system has received little study. The aim of this work was to study the induction of oxidative stress in response to K(+) deficiency and the putative role of antioxidants. The tomato plants were grown in hydroponic systems to determine the role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in(More)
Adaptation to salinity of a semi-arid inhabitant plant, henna, is studied. The salt tolerance mechanisms are evaluated in the belief that gas exchange (water vapor and CO2) should play a key role on its adaptation to salt stress because of the strong evaporation conditions and soil water deficit in its natural area of distribution. We grow henna plants(More)
Critical for predicting the future of primary productivity is a better understanding of plant responses to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. This review considers recent results on the role of the inorganic nitrogen (N) forms nitrate (NO3-) and ammonium (NH4+) in determining the responses of wheat and Arabidopsis to elevated atmospheric(More)
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