José S. P. Pinto

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BACKGROUND Transfusion of allogeneic blood influences outcome after surgery. Despite widespread availability of transfusion guidelines, transfusion practices might vary among physicians, departments, hospitals and countries. Our aim was to determine the amount of packed red blood cells (pRBC) and blood products transfused intraoperatively, and to describe(More)
Recently, many studies in the literature have been intensified in the scope of mobility services, presenting new technological solutions that can minimize problems, such as traffic congestion and the emission of greenhouse gases resulting from the population growth in large cities. Some services, namely shared services, are mainly dedicated to trying to(More)
Elevation data is very important for precise electric vehicle simulation. However, traffic simulators are often strictly two-dimensional and do not offer the capability of modelling urban networks taking elevation into account. In particular, SUMO - Simulation of Urban Mobility, an often used microscopic traffic simulation platform, relies on urban networks(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery is an important method for treatment of morbid obesity. It is known that significant nutritional deficiencies might occur after surgery, such as, calorie-protein malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, and lack of vitamin B12, thiamine, and folic acid. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to validate a computerized(More)
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