José Sánchez

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We present GRAPHIUM a tool to visualize trends and patterns in the performance of existing graph and RDF engines. We will demonstrate GRAPHIUM and attendees will be able to observe and analyze the performance exhibited by Neo4j, DEX, HypergraphDB and RDF-3x when core graph-based and mining tasks are run against a variety of benchmarks of graphs of diverse(More)
Linked data can be represented as graphs, and core graph-based tasks are required not only for consuming linked data, but also for mining associations and patterns among data and links. To facilitate these tasks, efficient algorithms have been defined; additionally, graph database engines that manage, store and query large graphs have been implemented.(More)
In this paper, we introduce a linearity test for fuzzy rule-based models in the framework of time series modeling. To do so, we explore a family of statistical models, the regime switching autoregressive models, and the relations that link them to the fuzzy rule-based models. From these relations, we derive a Lagrange Multiplier linearity test and some(More)
Background Multivariate autoregressive (MAR) models can be used in the identification of causal relations from functional MRI time series. Connectivity information is extracted from large neural networks combining graphical modeling methods and Granger causality. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the feasibility of working with the MAR models to(More)
Power Systems Reliability and Security highlight the need to identify and understand vulnerabilities that emerge from the interaction of two interdependent Critical Infrastructures: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Power Systems. Modeling the physical, logical, cyber and geographical relations can give some information about the(More)
In this demonstration paper we show and describe a flexible hardware and software platform for tracking applications. The architecture presented is extendible both on hardware and software sides, allowing for easy inclusion of sensors and signal processing algorithms of different types. During the demonstrations, examples of the software and hardware blocks(More)
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