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This paper proposes an approach to extend the mixed logical dynamical modelling framework for synthesizing robust optimal control actions for constrained piecewise affine systems subject to bounded additive input disturbances. Rather than using closed-loop dynamic programming arguments, robust-ness is achieved here with an open-loop optimization strategy,(More)
This paper focuses on the optimization of the electric energy production by photovoltaic cells through the development of an intelligent sun-tracking system. The developed tracking system is innovative in relation to the usual sun tracking systems available in the market. In fact, the developed solution has many advantages in relation to similar existing(More)
This paper assesses relative merits and drawbacks of different digital implementations of non-integer order controllers. Twenty-eight formulas are considered. Their frequency behaviours, together with those of discretised CRONE controllers, are compared to the ideal ones. All those formulas are used for implementing controllers found in the literature for a(More)