José Roberto Cardoso

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In the last 15 years, the use of doubly fed induction machines in modern variable-speed wind turbines has increased rapidly. This development has been driven by the cost reduction as well as the low-loss generation of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). According to new grid code requirements, wind turbines must remain connected to the grid during(More)
The permanent magnet brushless direct current motor (BLDC), have been the main component in most of the Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) development. An Implantable Centrifugal Blood Pump is being developed at the Institute Dante Pazzanese of Cardiology (IDPC) as VAD to assist patients with cardiovascular diseases. To develop a high performance controller(More)
When a patient have severe heart diseases, Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implantation may be necessary. However, the improvement of the interaction between the device and the patient's behavior is crucial. Currently, the control of these pumps does not follow changes in patient behavior and the devices are no safe. Therefore, if VAD has no faults(More)
The Syntermes genus, the most significant termite pest in eucalyptus cultivation, damages roots and debarks plant rings. This can kill the seedlings of this plant, and thus require replanting. Integrated management, based on sampling plans can reduce damage to eucalyptus seedlings and allows the rational use of chemical control. The objectives were to model(More)
An implantable centrifugal blood pump was developed for long-term ventricular assistance in cardiac patients. In vitro tests were performed, as wear evaluation, performance tests and hemolysis tests in human blood. Numerical computational simulations were performed during design process in order to predict its best geometry. Wear evaluations helped to(More)
The use of doubly fed induction generator in wind power plants has result in new necessities to maintain a reliable operation of the network. The tendency of the grid codes is to require the ability from the wind power plant to keep connected during and after grid disturbance, similarly to the synchronous generators requirements. This paper analyse the(More)
The increasing demand of more efficient buildings systems has caused a growth in the complexity of the design as well as in the management of building automation. In this context and considering that open distributed systems could provide solution for many users problems related to aspects like flexibility, investment preservation, connectivity and(More)
Intra and intermodel consistency in the representation of the semantics of heterogeneous discrete event dynamic system models / Abstract Important characteristics of Productive Systems can be approached from the perspective of Discrete Event Dynamic System (DEDS). However, if a wide coverage of these characteristics is demanded, the involvement of multiple(More)
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