José Ricardo P. Falco

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Diatraea saccharalis (Fabricius) has cryptonephridial type Malphigian tubules (MT). This type of MT is characterized by the penetration of the distal part of the MT into the external walls of the rectum, which is usually lined with a perinephral membrane. The MT is divided into three differentiated regions: proximal, middle and distal. In this study, our(More)
The secretions from the spermathecal glands in honeybee queens contribute to maintaining the viability of spermatozoa stored in the spermatheca. This viability is reduced as the queen ages. Here, we investigated whether DNA content changes and chromatin remodeling, that could suggest changes in cellular functions, occur in the spermathecal glands of Apis(More)
The sugarcane borer Diatraea saccharalis is widely known as the main pest of sugarcane crop, causing increased damage to the entire fields. Measures to control this pest involve the use of chemicals and biological control with Cotesia flavipes wasps. In this study, we evaluated the insecticides fipronil (Frontline; 0.0025%), malathion (Malatol Bio Carb;(More)
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