José Ribelles

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The application of virtual worlds through Internet for teaching allows that the student can submerge himself in friendly environments that make learning more pleasant. This article presents three educational applications developed in these worlds. The first, for vocabulary learning, shows a set of virtual worlds designed in VRML where the student interacts(More)
Space partitioning techniques are a useful means of organizing geometric models into data structures. Such data structures provide easy and efficient access to a wide range of computer graphics and visualization applications like real-time rendering of large data bases, collision detection, point classification, etc. Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) trees(More)
Real-time rendering of vegetation is one of the most important challenges in outdoor scenes. This is due to the vast amount of polygons that are used to model vegetable species. Multiresolution modeling has been successfully presented as a solution to the problem of efficient manipulation of highly detailed polygonal surfaces. In order to construct a(More)
Geometric models of solids often contain small features that we would like to isolate and remove. Examples include bumps, holes, tabs, notches, and decorations. Feature removal can be desirable for numerous reasons, including economical meshing and finite element simulation, analysis of feature purpose, and compact shape representation. In this work, an(More)
Interactive rendering of outdoor scenes is currently one of the most important challenges in computer graphics. This article presents a new method of real-time visualization of trees and plants that combines both multiresolution modeling techniques and the dynamic generation of impostors. In our method, trees and plants are represented by continuous(More)
Multiresolution modelling of polygonal surface meshes has been presented as a solution for the interactive visualisation of scenes formed by hundreds of thousands of polygons. On the other hand, it has been shown that representing surfaces using sets of triangle strips or fans greatly reduces visualisation time and provides an important memory savings. In(More)
A variety of multiresolution models for arbitrary triangle meshes have been presented in the last years. In order to achieve an interactive visualization, multiresolution models must store and retrieve data efficiently. In this paper, we present a first step to evaluate and compare multiresolution models. We propose a set of tests to measure the speed(More)