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Amazonian rainforests are some of the most species-rich tree communities on earth. Here we show that, over the past two decades, forests in a central Amazonian landscape have experienced highly nonrandom changes in dynamics and composition. Our analyses are based on a network of 18 permanent plots unaffected by any detectable disturbance. Within these(More)
Forest fragmentation is considered a greater threat to vertebrates than to tree communities because individual trees are typically long-lived and require only small areas for survival. Here we show that forest fragmentation provokes surprisingly rapid and profound alterations in Amazonian tree-community composition. Results were derived from a 22-year study(More)
Edge effects are major drivers of change in many fragmented landscapes, but are often highly variable in space and time. Here we assess variability in edge effects altering Amazon forest dynamics, plant community composition, invading species, and carbon storage, in the world's largest and longest-running experimental study of habitat fragmentation. Despite(More)
Healthcare institutions are increasingly turning to digital medical imaging systems to promote better diagnosis and treatment of their patients. The implementation of the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) clearly contributes to an increase in the productivity of health professionals. However, despite the amount of research that has been done(More)
In this paper we present a new Input-Output Place-Transition (IOPT) Petri net metamodel and its Petri Net Type Definition (PNTD) using a RELAX NG grammar. This new version introduces changes to the previous metamodel to ensure that the model representation follows the International Standard guidelines to extend PNML and to fully support automatic generation(More)
This paper presents the IOPT2SS tool, used to automatically generate state-space graphs associated with IOPT (Input-Output Place-Transition) Petri nets models. The new tool accounts with the non autonomous nature of the IOPT Petri net class, where transition firing is constrained by external input events and input signals (expressed in transition guards);(More)