José Regidor García

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This work tries to go a step further in the development of methods based on automatic learning techniques to parse and interpret data relating to cognitive decline (CD). There have been studied the neuropsychological tests of 267 consultations made over 30 patients by the Alzheimer's Patient Association of Gran Canaria in 2005. The Sanger neural network(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, [RhCl(2)(C(10)H(8)N(2))(2)]ClO(4), consists of one unit of the cationic complex [RhCl(2)(bipy)(2)](+) and one uncoordinated perchlorate anion. The Rh(III) atom is coordinated by four N atoms from two bipyridyl ligands and two Cl atoms, forming a distorted octa-hedral environment. The Cl ligands are cis. Two(More)
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